USA, Britain and Israel are real beneficiaries of the terrorist attacks against Russia in Volgograd.





USA, Britain and Israel are real beneficiaries of the terrorist attacks against Russia in Volgograd.

We all know about terrorists attack in metro station of city Volgograd, on 29th December. From the beginning in this and other terrorists attacks Saudi Arabia was accused; the world is waiting for a response from Russia. Global media and even independent media push Russia to provide answers, but who really benefits?

Please read this information first:
«Among the victims of the terrorist attack at the railway station of Volgograd were employees at Votkinsky defence [military] plant. Five employees of Votkinsky defense plant were returning from a trip related to their work, when they became victims of the terrorist attack on the station in Volgograd. Four assemblers of missiles, headed by the designer of the missiles, suffered the terror attack. They were all involved in secret tests from November 2013. They had conducted a successful launch of the «intercontinental ballistic missile Topol-M on mobile platform». The terror act took the lives of two of the workers of the Votkinsky defense plant. The employees bought a train ticket to celebrate the New Year with their families. The explosion happened when the employees passed through a metal detector, then suicide bomber blow herself. 24-year-old missile assembler Andrew Kotenkov died on the spot. His colleagues — 27-year-old Maxim Sadilov, Vitaly Zhuvanov, 28-year-old Egor Povyshev and 41-year-old designer Pavel Fefilov were urgently taken to hospital. Maxim Sadilov died on the same day during ward. The doctors are struggling for the lives of the other three wounded, one of them being in a coma.» (use google)
«Topol-M» (index 15ZH65 code START RS-12M2, according to NATO classification — SS- 27 Sickle B1 — newest Russian intercontinental ballistic missile. Single warhead capacity of 550 kilotons, able to break through the existing and prospective missile defenses. Range 11,000 kilometers, on a mobile platform it can start from any point of Russia. If his New Year’s greetings to NATO, Rogozin Dmitry used a picture of «Topol M» .

There is a rule that has been known since the Roman Empire: «Look who benefits.»

In connection with the terrorist attacks in Volgograd, we see an obvious attempt to push Russia to tough action against the Saudi royal house. The Saudi royal house is one of the main sponsors of the Wahhabi terrorists, whose main aim is to build a World Islamic Caliphate at the price of any number of victims. The terrorists who blew themselves up in Volgograd’s subway and other places really are Wahhabis. But this is where their relationship with the Saudi royal house ends. After losing the support of the U.S. as a strategic ally, Saudi Arabia is not interested in the deterioration of relations with Russia. It amazes me how easily many analysts believed that Prince Bandar visited Moscow, made terrorist threats on behalf of Saudi Arabia, and then carried out such threats.

I want to remind you that many gang leaders, including Wahhabis who committed war crimes in Chechnya, took refuge in London and other British cities. I want to remind you that Wahhabism and the Saudi kingdom was established with the help of the British Empire. I want to remind you that the Wahhabi never declared jihad Israel, which is more than strange behavior, given the war and other crimes of Israel against the Arabs. Israel is currently finalizing the acquisition of the territory of Palestine and the genocide of non-Jews. Just look at a modern map of Palestine, to be sure. Any military conflict, terrorist attack or disaster distracts public attention from war crimes committed by Israel. Besides, Israel has been mostly supported and controlled by a relatively few rich Jewish families since its inception. These families are increasing their wealth by the expense of war and post-war reconstruction of countries. That is why Israel is interested in Russia’s war against the Arab monarchies , even against » strategic ally», the Saudi kingdom. Iran is not actually a military threat to Israel, because Israel is the country with its own nuclear weapons.
Over the past 3 years the so-called civilized countries, or rather the regimes that control them, were unmasked as barbaric, sponsoring international terrorism, including the Wahhabis. This war of international gangs, protected by NATO, against Libya and Syria, has demonstrated that NATO military forces can play the roles of artillery, aircraft and armored forces for al-Qaeda. Or, Al-Qaeda plays the role of a mercenary infantry of NATO; either option is equally disgusting. For anyone who is looking past the mainstream global media, this role is apparent.
Thanks to Russia’s actions, NATO failed to destroy Syria. The result of this diplomatic victory, is that the specter of overt NATO war against Russia, has faded, for now. Obviously, the US-NATO intend to take revenge on Russia for the humiliation over Syria. However, they must divert attention & blame elsewhere — onto a superfluous ally, like Saudi Arabia.

The only weapon that saves Russia from NATO «peacekeepers» are nuclear weapons . Therefore, people of Russia who are involved in the production of these weapons will be their targets. It is best when they are killed in random attacks or accidents, as these five factory workers who were victims of the terrorist attack in the metro station of city Volgograd. Russia is not Iran, where you can kill a nuclear professor and brag about it to the whole world. Obviously, the bomber was detonated remotely , someone, through a wireless microphone in her ear, instructed her as to when she should enter, and then blew her up at the right moment .

Learning about the movements of the five employees from the defense plant, knowing when they will leave from Volgograd and following until they reached the metro station is evidence of a complex intelligence operation. This could only have been accomplished with the help of intelligence from the U.S., Britain and Israel. Together, it is they that must have supplied the intelligence for carrying out such a complex terrorist act in the territory of Russia .

Britain created the Wahhabi monster, the U.S. and Israel began to control and use it a few decades ago . When this relationship became apparent they wanted to get rid of it by someone else’s hand, therefore they incite it to attack their enemy , Russia. They hope for a hard reaction from Russia, spilling the blood of Arabs in the process.
They need for Russia to thus lose its credibility in the Arab countries and give the opportunity to announce the all-Arab Wahhabi jihad. Obviously, Britain , Israel and the United States ready themselves to commit terrorist acts in the Saudi cities of Mecca and Medina and have Russia accused of it.