1.09.2013 The celebration of 44 anniversary of the Al Fateh Revolution in Moscow


1.09.2013 The celebration of 44 anniversary of the Al Fateh Revolution in Moscow


September the 1st in 2013 is 44 years of Libyan al-Fateh revolution, which was made in 1969 and liberated the country from its semi colonial monarchy. Libya has been transformed into the Libyan Jamahiriya where Arabic socialism has been tested and successfully developed. It is different direct democracy without parliamentary. All economic and social problems were solved in committees of various levels, there were not any parties. In addition, the Qur’an was the basis of country laws and free development of other religions was supported.

In Libya for its own resources complex infrastructure projects were built, such as the Great River, which provided Libya cheap drinking water and was an incitement to agriculture development and planting of greenery in the desert. In addition funds of Africa and Palestine assistance were created. Gaddafi wanted to develop African countries (Libyan trade and economic partners) infrastructure, increase the purchasing capacity of those countries, so that later they could become a market for Libyan goods and services as African trade Union members. In addition, he wanted to free Africa from the presence of foreign corporations, which were still robbing them. The development of irrigated agriculture in Africa, which was feasible because of explored huge reserves of fresh water under Northern and Central Africa countries, could solve the problem of hunger.
Due to rational use of Libyan funds from oil sale provided itself with all the necessary: education level, health and prosperity of all citizens, was raised to the level of developed European countries. Also Libyan Jamahiriya was able to help other countries on the continent. Part of the proceeds from the sale of oil directed to the purchase of gold and precious stones as a foundation to ensure the gold dinar, a pan-African currency, which was supposed to replace the currencies of the metropolis. That is why Libyan Jamahiriya was occupied by NATO and Qatar, with the participation of other Arab monarchies and indirect Israel participation.

Traitors of the Motherland, members of the puppet regime recognized that 80 % of the population supports the Jamahiriya and that 90 % of conquest of the country and occupation work was made by NATO (It is recognized Mahmoud Jibril, Jamahiriya former justice minister and head of the TNC in 2011).

Libyan patriots are going to return the Libyan Jamahiriya, removing the puppet regime. They are being asked to participate in the Internet business, the aim of which is to destroy the lie about their Homeland.