Autumn in Libya: October 2014 – an Interview with Mohamad al-Fatah (2)


By Angelika Gutsche

Mohammed Al-Fatah (55) was born and raised in the Libyan capital of Tripoli. He belongs to both the Warfalla and the Gaddafa tribe. At the time of overthrow of the Jamahiriya he worked in Europe, where he also lives today. Some members of his family were killed in fights against militias in Libya.
Q: In the moment a lot is happening in Libya. But in our media we get very less informations. Therefore at first the question: What’s going on in Libya now?
A: Many takfir leaders yesterday escaped from Tripolis to Sudan through the Metiga Airport, Benghazi has only a few places still to clean which I calculate it will be soon over and everybody can go home. The Libyan civilians have taken it upon them to clean their cities which is a great help for the tribes.The legal government and parliament is in Tobruk and all decisions are made there and implemented to the rest of Libya. The national army is under this government and takes orders only from this government which is also recognised internationally.
Q: The press reports that Tripolis still is under control of the militia. What is the strategie of the tribes now?
A: Tribes are working to get everything back in order they are on the ground and moving swiftly. There is a mass cleaning everyday from the tribes in Tripoli.
Q: Under the control of whom are the airports of Tripolis?
A: Now there is only one airport and that is the military airport Metiga and till now its under the control of Qatar, Libyan Dawn, Belhaj (Dash) Al-qaeda and all jihadists mercenaries paid by the United States through Qatar, Saudi Arabia and Turkey.
Q: The parliament in Tobruk had asked for international help. Can you imagine that similar bombings as now in Syria against IS also take place in Libya against the militias by a so called “alliance of the willing” without an agreement of the UN?
A: We have asked for help and not intervention.
Q: Could you imagine such a bombing with an UN-mandate?
A: Because we can imagine that is why we only have asked for help/adivse but by no means an intervention we saw what happened in 2011.
Q: In the meantime the situation of the people in Tripolis has become better?
A: No, everything is destroyed from infrastructure, we have electricity cuts for hours on end, and nobody is circulating meaning going to work or shopping only the necessary things and as little as possible.
Q: How is the situation of the people in Bengazi? General al-Hafter should have conquered military camps there. Could it be hold? Also al-Hafter will block the harbour of Bengazi to control the entrance of wappens. Is that possible?
A: Well none of the tribes are working with him as they consider him an American spy, nothing good will come out of this. Hafter may have realised his mistake for demanding intervention in 2011 but that doesnt mean that he is still an american puppet and a spy which nothing good of it may happen.
Q: The Cyrenaika still wants to become independet of Libya? Or is this not the question now?
A: No, we are trying to protect and we are all united and we do not want any division in our country.
Q: In August the parliament in Tobruk has decided that in the future the president of Libya should be elected not from the parliament but from the people. Is that a reasonable solution?
A: Yes as its the will of the people.
Q: End of August prime minister Thinni has declared his resignation together with the government. Who manage the country now?
A: He is working with the government of Tobruk.
Q: In the meantime there are two parliaments in Libya. The one in Tobruk and the other old “islamic” parliament is in Tripolis with the prime minister Omar al-Hasi. What about the legitimacy of them?
A: The only legitimate government is the one in Tobruk. There is no legitimacy for pm al Hasi. This gov. has not been elected by the people.
Q: Who are the “Fajir-Libya-Fighters” und what kind of actions are they doing?
A: They are all the mercenaries, consisting of Al Qaeda, Isis, Anshar Sharaia, Daash, LIFG, Muslim Brotherhood, USA, QATAR, SAUDI ARABIA AND TURKEY and is supposed to govern Tripoli. Well they kill, kidnap, rape, steal houses, rob banks that is an everyday thing.
Q: Also if the militias are defeated then wouldn’t go on the political or armed conflicts because the USA/CIA, Egypt or other also Arabic states wanted to have a important influance in Libya?
A: Please check the video with Belhaj who is the leader of Lifg and Daash on CNN When we clean Libya from these scums I am sure America, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and Turkey will place them somewhere.
Q: In case of a victory over the militias and the Misrata-clan (Libyan Dawn): What are the strategies for building a new Libya and what are the covering perspectives for Libya? What are the political aims?
A: To rebuild and to return people from exile back to Libya, to built again the infrastructure of Libya and to clean the whole of Libya from the Extremists.
Q: And a last question a lot of people are interested in: How are the political prisoners? Who is free? Who is still in prison? How is Saif al-Islam?
A: More than 20000 prisoners are still in prison, there is no legal prison. The prisons who are hold by the extremists we have documents that the guards of the prisons are foreigners. They are from Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Turkey, Tunis, Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan lets say from all over the world who support these extremists in Libya. In the east where the tribes are controlling there are no prisoners. Saif Al — Islam is safe and well taken care off.

Interview: Angelika Gutsche

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