RATS news from occupied Libyan jamahiriya (1 mar 2017)



February’s militia fighting kills four including two children
Obari football coach murdered in Tripoli
Thinni spokesman resigns
Civilians continue to pay a high price for the fighting between militias. UNSMIL’s civilian casualty count for February records that four people including two children were killed and eleven were injured by gunfire, shelling or explosions.

The UN agency, which each month stresses that its list is based only on confirmed deaths and injuries, said that it knew of two deaths in Tripoli, including a child killed in the Abu Sleem fighting four days ago. In Zuwara a young boy died when the vehicle in which he was travelling was fired on when it failed to stop at a checkpoint.

UNSMIL listed no civilian deaths in Benghazi but recorded that two men and a women had been injured by explosive devices and a nurse at work in Benghazi Medical Centre had been beaten up by a group of armed men.

Under ‘Other casualties’ UNSMIL noted the shooting dead of a man captured in fighting between Warshefana and Janzour and the bodies of 74 migrants washed ashore near Zuwara.

There had also been 15 bodies discovered by the Libyan National Army in Benghazi’s Ganfouda district and yesterday the death by shelling of four adults, including two foreigners surrounded in Ganfouda’s 12 Apartments complex.
Obari football coach murdered in Tripoli
A football coach from the south was shot dead this morning in Tripoli’s eastern suburb of Tajoura.

Mahmud Elansari, who coached the Al-Wafa club in Obari, some 200 kilometres west of Sebha, was attacked by unknown group while he was driving his car in the district.

It is reported that two, possibly three, other colleagues who were with him are missing.

He had just flown back a few hours earlier from Tobruk where he took part in the elections of National Football Union of Libya. While there he also met the head of the House of Representatives, Ageela Saleh.

One of the two former GNC members for Obari, Hussain Alansari, a relative, has said that he holds the various security organisations in Tripoli responsible for killing. He had demanded an explanation from them as to what happened

The Tuareg Social Council of Libya – Alansari was a Tuareg – has also demanded the authorities in Tripoli and Tajoura apprehend those responsible. Tajoura municipal council has responded by saying it will take action.
Thinni spokesman resigns
The spokesman for the Thinni administration in Beida, Abdul Hakim Matouq, has resigned.

Confirming his departure to the Libya Herald, he would not give reasons for it. However, it is thought that there were issues with other members of the administration. Yesterday, he expressed his frustration in a TV interview at the difficulties facing the interim government which was no longer recognised internationally and which had just four embassies worldwide acknowledging its authority.

Accepting the resignation, the Beida government thanked him, expressing its “deep gratitude” for his four months at the job.

He was appointed last October following the resignation of Hatem Al-Oraibi who quit saying he could not do the job and that of the head of the Beida’s government’s Radio and TV Corporation at the same time.

Source: Libya Herald, Facebook, Twitter.