the true Libyans celebrate 17 feb RATSvolution raising the green flag


Beida cancels 17 February anniversary celebrations amid fears of terror attack

By Libya Herald reporter.

15 February 2017:

Celebrations in Beida to mark the sixth anniversary of the 2011 revolution have been cancelled because of security fears. The local municipal council say the order was made to prevent any acts of violence that might be committed at Friday’s event.

One report says the decision was based on intelligence warnings of a planned terrorist attack. The security alert in the town has been lifted to its highest level.

The mayor of Beida, Ali Hussein, said festivities would have to be postponed until some form of stability had returned to Libya. In a letter sent to those who had been organising festivities, he insisted his decision was motivated purely by security considerations.

The announcement follows a second attempted raid on the home in Beida of the Libyan National Army’s former Derna Operation Room commander Faraj Al-Barasi on Tuesday night. Some reports allege the gunmen were linked to Salafist groups, although it is more generally believed that they were connected to the LNA.

There are Salafist Madkhali units working within the LNA.

Whoever was responsible, the attackers are said to have come under heavy fire from Barasi’s entourage. One was reported killed.

On Monday, the military leader had his home raided by armed men on the same day he resigned from the LNA.

Also, unknown gunmen were reported to have broken into the Beida home of former General National Congress deputy president Ezzeddin Al-Awami. It is thought, however, that robbery may have been the reason.

Tobruk becomes second town to cancel Revolution Day celebrations

By Libya Herald reporter.

Benghazi, 16 February 2017:

Tobruk has cancelled celebrations marking the sixth anniversary of the 2011 revolution. There could be no such festivities until terrorism was eradicated across Libya and stability restored, a municipality spokesman said.

The announcement follows the cancellation of celebrations in Beida although the reason there was security fears.

17 feb: Bani Walid is celebrating in their own way :

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Students demonstrate during the 6th year of the occupation of the Libyan Arab Jamahiriya, in the stronghold presented by the media as that of the agent of the CIA, the Marshal HAFTER.

This video shows another reality. These students are obliged to hide their faces for their safety.



Today, 17 February 2017, the inhabitants of the locality of LASAHB in Libya demonstrate for the return of the Libyan Arab Jamahiriya after 6 years of occupation and destruction.

Despite six years of occupation by NATO/RATS the slogan that resonates throughout Libya, is one and only » ALLAH MUAMMAR LIBYA WABASS»

Allah Muammar Libya only !!