Libya: Leader of Warfalla Freed


Posted: 2013-12-09
From: Mathaba

Sheik Mohamed Al Bargouty was held in a clandestine prison in Zawia since 2011

The captors of Sheikh Muhammad Al-Bargouty the charismatic leader of the tribe of Warafalla has been released by his captors after being held since 2011.

Having been held for 2 years he was released because there was no process and no crime had been committed by him. His only «crime» had been to remain loyal to his nation and to the legitimate Jamahiriya system of democratic government that was overthrown by the massive NATO bombing throughout most of 2011.

Al-Bargouti along with his tribe showed the true honourable values of nobility and courage in never betraying the Jamahiriya and always declared that the «February 17» conspiracy was a fake revolution and in fact a coup d’etat by the former colonial powers of Libya, France and Britain aided by Italy and the USA.

These former colonial powers destroyed the Libyan Jamahiriya along with its phenomenal achievements in the economic, social, spiritual and material realms, as well as democracy and human rights, by using Arab slaves especially from Qatar but also traitors from other Arab countries, including those recruited in France.

His release was celebrated in Bani Walid, the capital of the Warfalla tribe, which remains loyal to the principles and ethics as well as supreme moral values and ideals of the Libyan Jamahiriya.


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