Libyans Tribes Declare Control of Their Sovereign Land


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The Great Tribes of Libya held a conference yesterday. The result of the conference is the declarations of the Tribes below. There are 15 declarations the tribes will enforce to put the control of Libya into the hands of its rightful owners — «The Libyan Tribes». 98% of all Libyans are member of tribes, the Libyan culture is very ancient and very strong. Everyone in Libya is so happy about these declarations. These declarations are the steps needed to restore their country back into the hands of the Tribes and out of the hands of the Islamic Extremists and Western Zionist puppets.

The Libyan tribes will succeed in rebuilding their great nation. As for the US Ambassador, Deborah Jones, she does not have a clue as to what country she is appointed Ambassador. Either that or she has her marching orders from the Zionists who do not wish the true Libyans to control their own country. No matter, the tribes don’t care what she does, they don’t care what the Zionists do, they will lead their country to freedom and they will succeed.

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Conference tribes and Libyan declare 15 items necessary to clean and restore their country.

1 — Conference tribes and Libyan cities : Dissolve the GNC «General National Congress» as it has been voted to be illegitimate
2 — The abolition of all laws passed by this illegitimate body and other government agencies as they were under the threat of arms and intimidation.
3 — Abolition of all contracts and international agreements signed by the government which affect the sovereignty of Libya politically and economically because they were issued without jurisdiction
4 — Dissolve all the militias and the military and security armor battalions and attribution as illegitimate and delivery of weapons of all kinds ,to the headquarters of the army and police , and any attack on any region or tribe is an attack on all Libyans. The attackers will face the force of all the Libyan people
5 — The return of displaced (in exile)Libyans to the inside of their country from abroad, and immediately all the tribes and regions assume responsibility and rearrange their work on national reconciliation and to issue a general amnesty for all that do not have on their hands the blood of Libyans, their stolen money or their properties
6 — The release of all detainees immediately and shall eliminate the false charges assigned to them
7 — The return of the army, police and security agencies immediately to manage the affairs of the country and to monitor borders and security
8 — Citizenship — deal with the basis of all citizens and will establish a process to certify the citizenship of all legitimate Libyans.
9 — Address the conditions that produced the war and fighting on the basis of equal treatment of the wounded and the martyrs of the war
10 — Invite members of the army and police , and the like to return to their jobs immediately and receive the weapons held by militias and and commit to stand strong for all tribal areas and borders
11 — We call upon the United Nations and the Security Council and the African Union, the Arab League and the Community of Sahel -Saharan States and the Arab Maghreb Union, the European Union and the Islamic Conference and all international institutions to do your responsibility and stand strongly for the success of the project for the National Salvation of Libya and to provide a helping hand.
12 — Rest assured from the Libyan tribes and all regions that the interests of the individuals and other nations will be protected and will not be subjected to any illegal actions, or any actions contrary to the rules and norms of international law.
13 — Libyan tribes and regions reject any meetings , conferences and government under any name unless held within the territory of the nation and the citizens are the primary tribes and from the regions in which to solve them
14 — Libyan tribes and regions welcomes all tribes , regions and civil institutions to join in this national rebuilding and actively participate in it.
15 — Libyan tribes and regions Supreme Council runs the country’s transitional phase and acts as a caretaker government until parliamentary elections and presidential elections and the completion of the Libyan Constitution

Issued in the city Al Azizia

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