Missing Libyan Planes? A False Flag Operation


Submitted by JoanneM on Fri, 09/12/2014 — 4:00pm

For a couple weeks now everyone has been speaking about the «missing Libyan planes». They have posted it around long enough for the main stream media to infuse the lie and scare people of another 9/11 type attack. There has been no proof, no official list of planes, nothing, just the words of the Zionist media.

The Libyan tribes have their eyes and ears on the ground all over the entire country of Libya. They are able to find out if a new baby has been born, a couple died, got married, who stole what, who killed who, who kidnapped who, what tribe they are, where they went, etc, etc. They know where all the camps of the Islamists are, where their illegal prisons are, where and when they move their weapons, they are the eyes and ears of Libya. After 2 weeks of checking across their resources this is their conclusion: «First of all, there were no planes taken from the Tripoli airport. The Tripoli airport is completely destroyed along with the airplanes that were parked there. Second there is no way that any person in the Misurata militias (including all Islamist groups, Muslim Brotherhood, Al Qaeda, Ansar Al Sharia,etc) could have ever moved, more less stolen any planes. They said there is no qualified person to fly them and second they blew up all the fuel tanks holding the jet fuel for the planes so there was no fuel to take them anywhere. They cannot drive them down a road and satellites would pick them up if they flew. There is no way to move them without hundreds of people on the ground witnessing the movement. They said their is no proof on the ground in Libya within or without the group that supposedly stole the 11 planes.

So, here we have a perfect «false flag» scenario being set up. Now that the world knows or believes that there are 11 missing old worn out Libyan airline planes; how hard is it going to be to paint any 727 plane of the same vintage with a Libyan tail and fly it into any structure at any time. Or paint it with some other airline tail fill it with already dead people and shoot it down blaming all the while your enemies. There ya go, terrorists have done it again and how many rights and freedoms will people be willing to give up this time. They have put the stolen planes back into their (Zionists, CIA, MI5, etc) little bag of terrorist tricks and will pull that lever when ever they need more power and another illegal war.

I would like to add that there actually were 2 planes stolen from Misurata. From a news article on August 1, 2014 Quote: » In an interview, Friday, July 31, 2014, to Shems FM, the CEO of Syphax Airlines, Mohamed Frikha, confirmed the disappearance of two aircraft from the airport of Misrata. The militia took possession of two Airbus A320 belonging to a Libyan company and have disabled the system the geo locating system.» http://translate.google.com/translate?depth=1&hl=en&rurl=translate.googl…

These 2 planes are still missing and no one knows where they are at the present time. There has been rumors that they were flown to the Sudan but this has been confirmed as incorrect. We do know that the Misurata terrorist militias have sent some of their men to be trained to fly these airbus planes in the Sudan. As a side note, I find it quite interesting the the story of these 2 stolen planes from Misurata in late July was never mentioned in any main stream media. Perhaps it is these stolen planes that gave the Zionists their idea for the the 11 stolen plane «false flag» alert from Tripoli that somehow made every paper all over the world many times.

Source: http://www.libyanwarthetruth.com/missing-libyan-planes-false-flag-operation