News about the court to Saif al-Islam , which allegedly should happen today in Tripoli, is false .


News of the court to Saif al-Islam , which allegedly should happen today in Tripoli, is unreliable .

The next hearing in the case of Saif al- Islam has happened this morning in the town of Zintan , as usual , it was decided to postpone his trial at the next term , a new date for the hearing on December 12 of this year. This meeting was broadcast to Arab Bureau channel Russia Today on the air.

Message about the current trial of Saif in the Arab Bureau of RT

18 September prosecutor of Tripoli ordered the transfer Saif al-Islam to prison in Tripoli , from there he must be come to the Indictment Chamber of the southern court of Tripoli , along with 37 other defendants [ this court apparently held today ] . But the Zintan tribe has their own opinion , even in 2011, the elders of the tribe recognized Saif innocent.

The prosecutor sent the indictment on 4 thousands pages and case files of 41 -a thousand pages.

I recall that in 2011 the occupation regime could not produce Saif al-Islam other charges except trade of camels without a license, even though they had previously claimed to have evidence of his participation in «crimes against the people of Libya.»

It is obvious that in the last two years , the rats ( occupation administration Libya ) forced libyan citizens under torture to stipulate all the leaders of the Libyan Jamahiriya and knocked on the basis of such evidence they base their charges and write multi- volume criminal cases.

Arab Bureau for Russia Today TV channel also reported on the news that today in Zintan could be held the second hearing on Saif al-Islam on new charges — » undermining the national security.» [ strange that they can not put all the charges into one case ] .

Most likely the reason for this meeting are false incriminatory materials which sent Tripoli’s prosecutor of occupation regime of Libya yesterday . In any case, the trial of Saif al-Islam in Tripoli , not today nor in the near future, will not take place, this news is fake.

Today in Tripoli could be held court over Abdullah Sanussi , which is in the hands of the regime. The occupation regime , which for two years has brought a rich country to a state of bankruptcy, is using the courts against the leaders of the Libyan Jamahiriya to distract the public from domestic problems.