News from occupied Libya. Another assassinations in Bengazy.


News  of  occupied  Libyan  Jamahiriya



The assassination of two soldiers belonging to infantry battalion of «national army» of regime. Their name are: «Abdel-Fattah Al-Amari» and «Tariq Alakora». Their bodies were found in area by name Rass Almengar, near eastern entrance in  north of Bengazy.

Also  happened the assassination of Brigadier of  occupied   regime Imad Abdeslam EL mahdawi in the Sabri area   after finishing the Eid prayer

The explosives were laid in his car

Islamists   transforming  occupied Libya   to  Iraq, total chaos  and  crimes   become usual  things in «new,  democratic Libya» from    2011   year. This  kind  of  freedom   began  from  February  2011  year   in  areas    which  were  declared by rats [revolutionares] as  free.

Car of  Brigadier of regime after the explosion.



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