News of occupied Libya: To the south of Libya were sent gangs for the war against the independent tribes



Brack Shatti — Sabha, occupied Libya

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According to a mobile group of the Green Resistance, the armed gangs have been authorized by the rats regime to storm the south of Libya.


It is all information which we have in the moment, seems like occupation regime of Libyan Jamahiriya want to
damage the cities of the south of Libya, which became independent from the puppet regime.

5 September 2013 Magraha tribe declared war to the occupation regime.

Because current regime doing nothing in order to stop chaos, but try to damage any independent tribe which build normal and safe life in own region after expulsion of armed gangs. Regime damaged city Bani Walid, capital of Werfalla tribe at October 2012 and attacking capital of Wershiffana tribe during few weeks already by under the pretext of tribal conflict with city Al -Zawia.

Capital of Magraha tribe is city Brack Shatti, 60 km northern from Sabha. This tribe is one of powerful tribe in south of Libya, they cleaned their city from gangs of rats regime and help people of Sabha to clean their city.

So puppet regime of Libya be try to damage this tribe using so called uncontrolled armed gangs.