News of occupied Libyan Jamahiriya: Libyans began to celebrate Al-Fateh revolution

1 September  2013

News  of  occupied Libyan  Jamahiriya: Libyans  began to  celebrate  Al-Fateh revolution

Celebration  began few  hours ago  about  10  p.m. of 31  August  by  GMT +2 .


Firework  in Bani Walid, in  honor  of Al -Fateh



Today, 44  years ago began  revolution  against  king  Idris  and  his owners  from Britain and  USA. Before   this revolution  Libya   was  semi-colony,  small  group  of people, king Idris and  his relatives were  rich, others  were  poor. Oil was bought by foreign companies at a low price, the state budget received a pittance. But even that money  were  stolen by officials at various levels. Literacy, health, life expectancy of Libyans did not differ from the level of the other African countries. There was a small group of «elite», living in luxury and the poor majority. In addition to Libya were the invaders, who maintained power of King Idris  by force . They do not have jurisdiction over the Libyan authorities and could commit any crime.
In 2011, history repeated itself, as a result of NATO’s intervention came to power puppet. Again, a small group of people robbing the entire state. Resources of the country are sold illegally, the government robs the puppet regime and will soon be bankrupt. Libya again requires Al-Fateh Revolution, to bring back all the selected rights and equitable distribution of public goods. In Libya, the 1% of the population by occupation suppressed the remaining 99%. They still held sway through terror, punitive and abduction of members of opposition tribes hostage.
But, step by step Libyans overcome fear and take to the streets.
That night, for the first time in some cities, the occupation of Libya people took to the streets that day to celebrate the beginning of the Al-Fateh Revolution. Despite the law of the occupying powers, which threatens long prison term, and hence for the glorification of torture Jamahiriya.
It is currently known about the celebration in Egypt and Tunisia, where the Libyan refugees. Also celebrating today in Libya following cities: Sirt,  Brack Shatti (south of Libya, near Sabha), Bani Walid, Al Jelat (in the west of Libya),. In the Libyan city of mostly fireworks in the city Brack Shatti people came to the demonstration, but the pictures or videos will be later.

Green Flag and firework  in Brack Shatti


Brack Shatti,  cars honking in honor of Al Fateh near fireworks


Celebration  in street  of Cairo, Egypt.


Celebration of Al — Fateh in Cairo, Egypt by Libyan refugees


1.09.2013 Sirt, Libya celebrate Al Fateh revolution


Al-Fateh  in arabic mean  Conqueror, also  Opener 
Libyans want themselves to regain their Conquest which had been taken away from them by violence and deceit. They want to Open a new page in the history of Libyan  Jamahiriya.

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  1. Christella Bernardene Krebs

    al-Fateh means LIGHT (FESTIVE), not conquerer!