Occupied Libya: Rats want to consolidate their regime under the guise of universal reconciliation.


Chronicle of occupied Libyan Jamahiriya

Rats want to consolidate their regime under the guise of universal reconciliation.


This trick rats trained U.S. reiterates in all countries. First, they are brutally murdered, raped people, and then say they want peace and prosperity. In fact, they want the power to plunder of the country and people. Already several groups of rats were replaced by each other in the puppet regime of Libya. They steal the money, then transfer it to banks accounts abroad and leave Libya. They leaving Libya then situation become dangerous for them and their theft became known. Those who must deceit population in Libya, their owners from NATO keeping in country, the rest leave country with stolen funds.

It occurs in all countries where the puppets of US come to power. For them, power is a mean personal enrichment and mean satisfaction of any of their perverted desires with impunity. Those who came to power in Libya rape even in hospitals. The facts, that rats are raped in prisons, kidnapped and forced into prostitution Libyan girls and women, have to admit the rat pages, whose task are to hide the crimes committed by the so-called revolutionaries.


This page on Facebook Libyan Political Dialogue, created in April 2011, have goal to legitimize the betrayal of Libya under the guise of the search for peace between the «opposition» and Libyan people. About 1% of the population imposes its will on the others. We are seeing the same thing in other countries, which are independent: Russia, Venezuela, Iran, Syria and others. A small group of traitors, usurping the voice of the peoples of their countries, call themself the people’s representatives.


In Libya, where NATO by these traitors created the occupation government, they using all the ways to suppress the Resistance. While the gangs are being tortured and members of the Resistance and also anyone who speaks out against the «revolution.» Organizations such as the «Libyan political dialogue» are trying to convince the Libyans need to cooperate with the occupiers for the prosperity of Libya. Exactly the same people are called to cooperation with the Italian occupiers during the Second World War. History repeated itself in Libya.

People who have created this page are smart enough, they criticize the occupation regime to create the illusion of opposition to the regime and his gangs. But in fact, they work better than others from the regime, because they have to convince people to suffer more, have to pretend that gang who rape and torture people haven’t relations with the “National Congress”, and share other lies. Besides that image were created by professionals in order to manipulate people’s minds.


There are placed two girls for a reason, because girls and children on such a picture cause the smallest resistance to the mind. Therefore, manipulators who use such objects, trying to impose the necessity and inevitability of unification. In fact, they are afraid of the people’s victory over them. Because then they would have to flee the country, which they have betrayed and robbed. These people do not want peace, they want to continue plunder the country with impunity. Whenever the situation is threatening their well-being, they begin to propose peace. They should be reminded about their crimes and pay for it.