RAT NEWS from the occupied Libyan Jamahiriya


Libya Dawn accused of demolishing Warshefana homes

continuous shelling of the Warshefana area to the west of Tripoli by Libya Dawn forces and warnings from the UN that such action may constitute war crimes, there has been no let up in the attacks. There are reports of more people killed and injured today, This source reports 50 deaths.

According to a member of the Warshefana Crisis Committee’s media office ­– in a move reminiscent of what happened to Tawergha – forces that are part of the Libya Dawn operation have now also started bulldozing homes in the district.

Photo of damaged Warshefana home (Photo: Social media)

In a further development, a leading Warshefana commander told the Libya Herald that there had been fierce clashes today with Zawia forces on the coast road and that a Zawia commander had been killed. Again, it is not possible to verify the claim nor another that the Warshefana are again in control of the Camp 27 area.

Yesterday, Operation Dawn said it had reopened the road.

Meanwhile, residents living in the western end of Janzour, near the Seyed area, are reported to have been evacuated two days ago because of the danger of missile strikes. According to one resident who fled to Tunisia earlier this week to escape the attacks, the evacuation was organised by the Warshefana after the death of 12 Warshefana residents in one day.

In a related move, Warshefana and Nalut have agreed to a prisoner exchange as a first step towards a peace agreement between the two places.

Student murdered in Derna

By Jamal Adel.
12 September 2014:

A student has become the latest murder victim in Derna. Mohamed Senussi Husari, a Tebu from Kufra who was in his second year studying economics at the Omar Mukhtar University, was shot outside his uncle’s house in the town’s Batn Mansour district as he returned home around midnight last night.

Hit several times, he was rushed to hospital but died later.

The reasons for the slaying are a mystery. A relative who is also a student at the university told the Libya Herald that Husari had not been involved in politics nor in any religious group, and that he was “just an ordinary student”.

There are suggestions that he could have been targeted by local militants in revenge for Tebu support for Operation Dignity. However, there is no evidence.

Local residents stop gunmen taking over Benghazi civil defence centre

By Farah Waleed.

Local use the gunmnen;s destroyed vehicles to block the road (Photo: Civil defence Facebook page)

Benghazi, 12 September 2014:

A group of gunmen, believed to be members of Ansar Sharia who were attacking civil defence centre in Benghazi’s Sidi Hussein district, were forced to flee last night leaving their vehicles when local residents started firing at them.

It is thought that militamen wanted to steal new ambulances kept at the centre, the base for local firefighters. However, there are also suggestions that they were trying to take over the centre.

This morning the local residents blocked the road to try and prevent an similar attack.

Further assassinations in Benghazi

Benghazi, 12 September 2014:

Assassinations are again on the rise in Benghazi after a brief respite. Two people were murdered today after Friday prayers.

Tariq Misrati was killed just after he left the Omar Ben Abdulaziz Mosque in Majouri district when a bomb placed under his car exploded. His body was taken to the Benghazi Medical centre.

Across town, the imam of the Argam Ben Abi Al-Argam mosque in Ras Obeida was killed at much the same time when gunmen waiting in a car shot him as he was leaving the mosque. Hit in the head as well as the stomach and hand, Sheikh Akram Saleh Al-Drissi died instantly. His body was also taken to the BMC.

The reasons for both killings are unknown, as are the perpetrators.

However, Drissi was a Salafist and a number of Salafist sheikhs have been murdered, allegedly by militants, because they condemned the miltants’ violence.

In Misrati’s case, he was a civilian. But this is not the first time his family have been targeted. In July last year, his brother, Colonel Jumaa Misrati, was also killed in similar sicumstances when a bomb attached to his car blew up. In his case, Ansar Al-Sharia was suspected. He was a member of military intelligence and had previously been working in Kufra but had just submitted a report to the General National Congress detailing the activities of Ansar and attacks in Benghazi.

On Wednesday, a policeman who has been named as Anwat Misrati (not thought to be related) was killed when gunmen shot him in the city’s Hijaz Street and then fled.

Although all three killings are assumed to be politically motivated and may be linked to the expected offensive by Operation Dignity in the city, much of the violence and crime in Benghazi is about money.

Last night, a gold dealer was murdered in the city’s Al-Thama district. Omar Salah Al-Senussi, 48, was shot multiple times by gunmen who then stole money that he was carrying.

Sirte leaders hold emergency meeting to address drinking water shortage

12 September 2014:

Local leaders in Sirte held an emergency meeting on Thursday to address the growing shortage of drinking water in the district.

At the meeting were the deputy leader of Sirte Local Council, the central and eastern regions manager of the General Company for Water and Sanitation, the chairman of the management committee and a number of engineers from the Man-Made River Company

It was decided that the Sirte Local Council would ask the Man Made River Company to allow the General Company for Water and Sanitation to install a new water tank to provide more drinking water.

The protest in the city of Bani Walid this evening against the indiscriminate shelling and siege Ali and Rishvana by the militia Dawn.

The Grand RAT Mufti, Sheikh Sadik Al-Ghariani is back in Libya

The Grand Mufti, Sheikh Sadik Al-Ghariani is back in Libya after a prolonged absence of almost four months, most of it in London.

He took part today in a demonstration in Tripoli’s Martyrs Square in support of Libya Dawn. Addressing the protestors, he denounced Operation Dignity in Benghazi and the House of Representatives.

The House has summoned him to Tobruk for questioning but he has refused to go. Several members have called for him to be dismissed but it is thought that the HoR feels that it is not yet the right time to take such a step. The Prime Minister, Abdullah Al-Thinni, has condemned his issuing of fatwas, saying he was politically biased.

The Grand Mufti hurriedly left London late last month for Qatar after it was reported that the British authorities were planning to arrest him for instigating violence and murder in Libya through his televised support for Libya Dawn and his calls for Operation Dignity and Zintani forces to be destroyed.

Although condemned by many in Libya, Ghariani is still well regarded by a significant constituency in the west of the country, especially those involved in Libya Dawn.

Source Libya Herald Facebook, Twitter.

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