Statement by the Libyan People’s National Movement




To the African Union and the Arab League and the international community to take cardholders to keep the spirits of our detainees.

Extended battle cleansing Lipa of terrorism to Tripoli , where there is now fierce battles between the forces of the Libyan army and Libyan security on the one hand and the militias of the terrorist al-Qaeda terrorists and the Muslim Brotherhood on the other.

It is known that the detainee plateau , home to the political leadership and the security of the public system , and is headed by a terrorist detainee Khalid Sharif active member of al-Qaeda , which is threatening to be execute him and that the detainees were attacked detainee .

We call on him to employers of conscience in the African Union and the League of Arab States and international organizations to take the necessary measures to protect our prisoners , and save our prisoners of imminent danger to their lives . And supports the efforts of the national army and the security of Libya to cleanse Libya of terrorism , and enable them to protect the detainees.

We – no matter what happens – we consider these projects for the certificate will not escape the criminals, the base of the just punishment according to the laws fair , and bring good tidings of free world and lovers of freedom that the process of cleansing Libya of terrorism may Antqlt will not stop until they are uprooting terrorism from our country , and will return to Pia state security and freedom , supporting security and international peace .

Peace be upon you and God’s mercy.

Glory to the martyrs – the freedom of detainees – Long live Libya and pure out of terror – and to honor the dignity of the Knights of Libya
Libyan People’s National Movement
18-5 -1382 War (2014)



LFP ~ May 17, 2014 ~ Libyan People’s National Movement