The declaration of blog community «for Gaddafi and his people» Due to the fact that the BBC has published a new video of killing of Muammar Gaddafi


Due to the fact that the BBC has published a new video of killing of Muammar Gaddafi — the legitimate leader of the Libyan people we consider it necessary to declare:

You vile and cowardly NATO killers will never be compared to the heroism of Gaddafi. You offered him billions of dollars to leave and to left his country for you to plunder. But he refused you. He stayed and defended his people until his last breath.

It was the only country in Africa that you have not been robbed yet. It was the only country in Africa whose citizens lived richer than Europeans. We all know and remember how EU citizens traveled to Libya to work as janitors and nurses. Neither in Europe nor in the United States there is no leader who would be so concerned about his people as Muammar Gaddafi!

By publishing this video you are trying to humiliate the holy man and his heroic people! Yes! They are heroic! In defending their country from you, Libyans showed true heroism! Nine months the United States and Europe could not defeat a small Libya. In Libya, live just six million people. This is 10 times less than in France and 50 times less than the United States. But the whole army of Europe and the United States nine months could not defeat these people. Libyans are true warriors and great heroes! A hundred of your CIA agents are not worth even one Libyan.

And you still can not defeat these people! You bought a small handful of traitors who control only a dozen districts in a couple of cities. But the whole of Libya, and the whole of Africa live in hope to free from you. The richest continent — Africa lives in poverty. Why? Because you’re robbing him. And you destroy those who prevents you to do this.

Gaddafi created the African Union. He built water channels and railroads across Africa. He wanted to unite the continent and make it citizens rich. Richer than you. For this, you killed him! You want the whole world to remain in poverty. You want to continue to rob Libya, Africa and the planet.

But your time is running out. Around the world, appear new Gaddafi. After the dastardly murder the whole world saw that you can understand only the language of force. Our peoples raise their heads and get up from their knees! The world will never be the same again. You have violated the UN resolution and your armies invaded the territory of a sovereign state. Since then, the United Nations has ceased to have political meaning. When the peoples of the world will give you this bill you will not be able to protect yourself by UN resolutions. Because you trampled on the UN and turned it into a circus!

Eternal memory to the lion of the desert!
Glory to the heroic Libyan people!
Community «For Gaddafi and his people.» Moscow, Russia.