The Lone Fight : A Return To The Streets.


5 aug 2015, by Ahmad Baden

Despite the complete media blackout, eyes haven’t seen, ears haven’t heard approach of the mainstream media. The Libyan population continues to come out onto to the street since the 30th of July 2015 denouncing the sentences laid down on former government officials and civilians.

Fifteen or more Libyan cities have now seen protests across 12 or more of Libya’s 22 districts; protests that have seen the Libyan green national flag being raised in all protest locations, calling for the deposing of the 17th of February disaster that has marred Libya over the last four and a half years and a return of law and order to the country.

International demonstrations by Libyans living abroad have also taken place in the Tunisian capital:- Tunis and the Maltese capital:- Valetta with further demonstrations planned in Cairo (subject to permission being granted).

Local demonstrations took place yesterday in :-

  • Bani Walid

  • Benghazi

  • Sabha

  • Sirte

  • Tarhuna

  • Taraghin

Other local known cities that have also taken part in demonstrations :-

  • Zala
  • Ubari
  • Brak Al’Shati
  • Ghat
  • Tobruk
  • Sokna
  • Al-Ajeylat
  • Al’Asabaa


The closest proximity of protestors was yesterday, between the Libyan city of Sebha and the small oasis town of Taraghin in the Murzuq southern district of Libya at a distance of 135 Kilometers.

With a large geographic land mass, time will tell if enough protestors can be brought out onto the street to lead a correct revolution this time round.