According to one youtube video source Britain’s Royal Air Force jet fighters participating in operations against Libya were seen being refuelled in midair as they flew in the skies over Cyprus on Wednesday January 22nd, 2014. RAF Akrotiri, one of two British military bases on Cyprus southern coast, is also hosting VC-10, RAF E3D and Sentinel surveillance aircrafts which provide refuelling capability to assist the Libyan government in Tripoli.

“ComJet fighters deployed on missions in the Libyan conflict refueled in mid air on Wednesday as part of Operation Odyssey Dawn. The warplanes are based at Istres airbase in Marseille, the only air supply base in Europe.

The French Air Force Base provides air-to-air refueling for jet-fighters involved in the Libyan war zone.”

The British Royal Air Force were said to be participating in Operations attempting to re-establish NATO-al Qaeda control over Southern libya. Reports from Tripoli say that the NTC (NATO Transitional Government) in the capital were angry with the new guerilla tactics being implimented by Gaddafi Green Jamahiriya forces in engaging in spontanious unexpected attacks on their troop convoys from the desert rather than fighting specifically in civilian or industrial areas.

It is claimed by resistance sources that Tripoli’s defence minister decieded to punish the civilians as a lesson to them to halt their increasing public displays of support for Gadaffi Green forces across Southern Libya and try to intimidate them against giving any food or water supplies or any other logistical support to the reconstituted Jamahiriya army now operating from bases as far as far away as Chad and Niger in support of Green forces within Libya itself.

If this source report is true then it shows the increasing desperation of the transnational financial occupation government in Tripoli which has recently been deserted by one of it’s most important mainstays; fighters from the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood whose party recently walked out of the assembly and withdrew their support from the prime minister Ali Zeidan.

What has to be worrying to David Cameron in London and the other NATO partners is that the hundreds and thousands of al Qaeda and other Islamist terrorists they imported into and funded in Libya to bring down Muammar al Gaddafi have now split into factions fighting among themselves, often for no other reason than to steal each others vehicles, weapons, booty and supplies. http://endzog.wordpress.com/2014/02/02/breaking-news-raf-admit-bombing-civilians-in-southern-libya-in-last-few-days/